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Wardrobe Staples

At Renegade Clothing Company, we take pride in designing and producing high quality goods that are built to last. We stock a wide range of clothing such as graphic skull tees, hoodies, beanies, vests, caps and more. Whatever your personal style, Renegade have a variety of products that will fit right in with your existing wardrobe. In this blog we will be discussing some of the products in our extensive range that could be the next staple pieces in your wardrobe.

Badge Hoodie

Hoodies have rightfully solidified themselves as wardrobe staples throughout the past few decades, adorning celebrities and non-celebrities alike. When you look at the history of the hoodie, it is no wonder that they have risen so drastically in popularity. Initially being used as a way for warehouse operatives to stay warm in the cold winters of the 1930s in America, hoodies like ours are now staples for that reason and more! Our Badge ZH616-03 hoodie is simple, comfortable and cosy – the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Graphic Skull Tees

Claim your identity with the unique graphic skull tees from Renegade Clothing Company, our unique unisex clothing oozes attitude and encourages self-expression. Our graphic skull tees are created using 100% combed cotton for a comfortable and breathable feel. All of our unisex t-shirts are regular fit, light weight and true to size. Sizes range from small to extra extra large, making our products accessible to most. With a variety of styles available in a range of colours and styles which make finding the perfect t-shirt for you so much easier. Our Skull T666-09, Skull T666-08 and Skull T666-05 demonstrate Renegade’s commitment to creating a diverse and unique clothing line for all who are ready to join the revolution.

Join the Renegade revolution, get yours today - own it, wear it.

Break the mould. Rebel against conformity. 

Visit to view our graphic skull tees and entire collection of timeless pieces which are forged in Britain and shipped worldwide.

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