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Here Come the Girls!

At Renegade Clothing Company, we aim to be inclusive with our whole range of clothing. In addition to our extensive variety of unisex pieces, we also have three limited edition women’s garments to complete the look such as a black womens vest, tee, camisole and dress. In this blog we will be discussing the importance of inclusivity in fashion as well as our three gorgeous items that will allow you to express your individuality and attitude.


Although our main collection is unisex, we understand that this doesn’t necessarily account for everyone’s individual and unique style and preference. Because of this, we aim to make clothing that everyone can shine in and showcase who they are. As well as this, we stock a wide selection of sizes so that everyone can experience the Renegade revolution. No matter your shape or size, Renegade will look good on you.

Renegade for Women

Black womens vest, a dress, a camisole and a crop top – these three products are simple yet super stylish and will definitely be a welcome addition to your wardrobe. The Revelation Cami (REVELATION CM-O2) can be integrated seamlessly into your summer wardrobe, allowing you to be Renegade all year round, regardless of weather. Our t-shirt dress (REVELATION DR-03) is comfortable, fashionable and perhaps most importantly, flattering on all body types. Last but not least is the Revelation Crop Top (REVELATION CT-01). Simple yet stunning in design, this piece will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe and can be worn year-round. Pair with a Renegade Hoodie to achieve warmth, comfort and the complete Renegade look.

Join the Renegade revolution, get yours today - own it, wear it.

Claim your identity today and find a community of like-minded people who are ready to make a statement and live authentically.

Break the mould. Rebel against conformity.

Visit to view our black womens vest and the entire collection of timeless pieces which are forged in Britain and shipped worldwide.

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