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Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

This summer, take fashion into your own hands with our collection of skull hoodies & tees! After spending two summers hidden in our homes, it is finally time to enjoy the sun and of course, look absolutely fantastic in the process! There are so many stunning trends that will be taking the fashion world by storm this season and we are sure you will look wonderful in them. Let's go big. Let's go bold. Be unique and most importantly, have fun! In this blog we will be discussing some of our favourite upcoming trends for the summer and how to incorporate renegade into your wardrobe.


Perhaps one of the more simple trends this summer, the colour white is ALWAYS in style! Whether you choose to go for an all-white outfit or maybe only one or two items, this is always going to be a hit. One of the most popular ways to wear white this summer is through 'suiting' which has proved rather prominent on runways, and we can definitely see why. Check out our selection of white Renegade tees – the SKULL T666-04 and SKULL T666-09!

Legs Legs Legs

While tights and leggings may be considered more as a winter wardrobe staple, it appears that considerations for leg dressing in summer is less common due to the warmer weather conditions. This is not to say that you should cut them out completely though... There are many alternative options that will keep your legs cool and also looking totally fabulous.


Although you may not typically associate knitwear with the summer months, it is now time to! After last year's affliction with crochet clothing, it is no surprise to us that netted knits are becoming popular this season. You can see this style in pieces such as tops, trousers, skirts and bags. It is such a versatile and stunning look that we can absolutely get on board with.

Break the mould. Rebel against conformity.

Visit to view our skull hoodies & tees and the entire collection of timeless pieces which are forged in Britain and shipped worldwide.

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